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Environmentally friendly

Organic Farming

Organic Farming is a cultivation method that has been increasingly growing all over the world in the last few years. It is a cultivation method where the agricultural ecosystem is considered as a balanced model for the development of the plants.

Fitonatura responds to this need with an Organic Farming line, especially designed to provide customers with a complete range of products for every production need.

Fitonatura Technologies


It is the conversion of a solid substance into liquid form, after the absorption of the humidity in the air.

When we apply a mixture with water-solubles, especially on warm and sunny days, the natural consequence is the evaporation of the water and the subsequent formation of a saline, solid layer on the leaf. In normal circumstances, this layer would represent a loss in terms of elements for the plant as well as an economical loss for the farmer. Thanks to the water-solubles from the Premium line of Fitonatura, this is not a problem anymore, since the potential of deliquescence is utilized, thanks to a selection of specific raw materials for this technology. This way, thanks to the relative humidity of the air in the first hours of the morning, the saline layer becomes once again soluble and available to the plant.


Using a fertilizer with high bioavailability means providing plants with easily absorbable nutritional elements, with a subsequent respect of the environmental impact and a reduction of resource waste.

Labels of products by different manufacturers are often compared, assessing directly the numbers of the formula. However, one question is often overlooked: how many of the elements are available to the plant, and how many will instead be insoluble, due to a reaction with calcium carbonates present in water?