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about us

The relationship between agriculture and fertilizers is essential and, thanks to this bond, men have been able to satisfy the growing quantitative and qualitative needs of agricultural productions.

Fitonatura originates from an entrepreneurial idea of researching MADE IN ITALY excellences in the fertilizer sector, thanks to a thorough attention to details, this way guaranteeing the commercialization of biostimulants and special, advanced fertilizers, which are the result of meticulous scientific research and of the help of the latest technologies in the field of vegetal nutrition. The relationship with customers is fundamental to us and it is at the centre of our work. We guarantee technical and commercial assistance in every phase of agricultural productions, so that your success become also our success. Quick assistance and product quality are the virtues that our customers acknowledge about us all over the world.

Our liquid fertilizers are not just simple mixtures, but in most cases they derive from highly complex chemical reactions, which guarantee a high purity and density of the products. This translates into a complete BIOAVAILABILITY of the nutritional elements to the plants. For powder fertilizers we have set a high bar for the rest of the market. Fitonatura includes a line of water-soluble, powder premium fertilizers, which are characterized by an extraordinary ability of DELIQUESCENCE, guaranteeing once again maximum efficiency of the elements provided to the plant, as well as a saving for the farmer.

Our building blocks

The relationship between agriculture and fertilizers is essential and by virtue of this bond we have created a company capable of meeting the growing quantitative and qualitative needs of agricultural production.


Fitonatura aims to convey the concept of simplicity and innovation, through meticulous scientific research to ensure healthy and sustainable agriculture.

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Fitonatura is a young, smart and dynamic company that aims to create a sustainable future for people and the environment.


Fitonatura aims to create new opportunities for its customers, thanks to curiosity, determination and audacity.

Our values

We work to provide agronomic solutions to customers respecting nature, so that future generations can savor the taste and flavor of the fruits of the earth in a sustainable way.


The farmer is always the starting and ending point. We aim for a continuous evolution and refinement of cutting-edge fertilizers and biostimulants.


The passion for our work guides us.
We are at the service of agriculture, working to achieve a sustainable future.


Attention to detail is what makes the difference. The meticulousness in our work allows us to market quality products.


Customer trust is essential.
We try to create interpersonal relationships based on respect and the implementation of our values.