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Our products

Our liquid fertilizers are not just simple mixtures, but in most cases they derive from highly complex chemical reactions, which guarantee a high purity and density of the products.

The new BIOACTIVATORS of Fitonatura, which are the result of the combination of the best technologies in the field of vegetal nutrition, have been created to meet every need of the phenological phase and of the development of the crops.

These products have a specific action on the plants, improving the qualitative and quantitative aspects of agricultural productions, and also the economic margin of our customers.

Products with an exclusively mineral formulation, carefully studied to carry out a specific action during each phenological phase.

Powder products include a specific formula, guaranteeing high deliquescence, especially important in vegetal nutrition.

Fertilizers characterised by a predominance of highly-available macroelements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, to provide mineral elements according to specific needs.

The line is characterised by highly-assimilable and bioavailable products for the plants, which prevent and cure microelements deficiencies, through foliar applications and fertigation.

Calcium and Sulphur are the most important mesoelements in vegetal nutrition; for this reason Fitonatura offers a wide range of products, both in liquid and powder form, to meet the needs of the farmers.

The line of water and soil conditioners of Fitonatura is characterised by fertilizers that aim to act on the pH of the soil and of water, thanks to a carefully studied formula.